Each modeler is different and has differing expectation of our products. For the most part, our products are faithful reproductions of old promo and kit parts. They reflect the level of detail from the era they originated. They should not be judged by today's level of detail.

Each of you also has techniques you have developed over your years of modeling. The instructions that follow are not carved in stone. Please experiment and use good judgement in working with our products.

The typical unplated castings will have a mold release film on them. TO PREVENT EVENTUAL PAINTING PROBLEMS, THIS MUST BE THOROUGHLY REMOVED BEFORE ANY MODEL WORK BEGINS. The best method that we have found for removing the film is letting the parts soak for 24 hours in a product from Por 15 called Marine Clean. Other soaking solutions that can be used are Castrol Super Clean or Westley's Whitewall Tire Cleaner.

After cleaning, the castings can be sanded, filed, drilled, or machined. Small air bubbles or imperfections can be filled with 5 minute epoxy or super glue and micro balloons. Super glue and micro balloons are great for all kinds of conversion work. See your hobby shop for micro balloons.

We recommend that a good quality automotive primer be used on all parts to be painted. After priming, all types of automotive lacquer and enamel paints will work. Hobby paints will also give good results. If painting is done with an airbrush, fisheye preventor in the paint would be another method you could use to minimize paint problems.

For gluing, use a 5 minute epoxy or super glue.

If stripping paint or chrome from resin parts, test a small area first... Some paint strippers may soften the part beyond use. Scale Coat Paint Remover has caused damage to the resin we are now using. We have used Easy Off Oven Cleaner, lacquer thinner, and some brake fluids. Marine Clean will also remove many different types of paint.

Resin parts that have become slightly warped or bent out of shape can be straightened by submerging the part in hot (not boiling) water to soften. Then set the part on a flat surface or hold in position under cold running water until the part cools. This works for both plated and unplated parts. Caution should be taken with plated parts to prevent clouding the chrome with water that is too hot. Thin areas may be reworked using an electric hair dryer to heat the part in a small area.

Please inspect your box and parts thoroughly upon arrival. If there is obvious box damage, save all packing materials and the box, and contact the shipper, either UPS or postal system, and contact us. If there are damaged, missing , or incorrect parts, please contact us by phone or mail within 10 days of receiving your order. Parts may not be returned without prior approval. Returned parts must be received in unaltered condition. Do not send parts back to us in envelopes, not even padded envelopes.
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