The Modelhaus Website will open on May 15th.

We are expecting an onslaught of orders. Unfortunately, in the time the website has been down, we have not caught up. Many customers realized we still opened our snail mail daily and we got many orders from customers who normally order via the website. We used to do two weeks of orders in one week of production time We would do that for three weeks, basically completing six weeks of orders. We could then spend up to three weeks doing a comprehensive, forward looking chrome run. Now we are taking up to two weeks or more in production time to complete one week of orders. And the chrome runs are now just for making parts that are actually on order and very little to get ahead.

When you place an order, please be prepared to allow over 20 weeks for delivery. Please make sure the expiration for your credit card will allow for billing that far in the future., the company we use for credit transactions, will only retain the card information for 90 days. Since it is most likely that the order will not be shipped within those 90 days, I will have to access your card number number and bill it another $1.00. That will allow the card information to be accessible for another 90 days. I fear we will eventually get to the point that this will need to be done more than once per order. The additional charges will be deducted from your final bill. If your card number changes in any way, please contact us. We cannot edit the card information you upload to We will need the complete card number with expiration and security.

We have been getting some very large orders. The shipping and handling for orders over $800.00 in merchandise will now be determined at the time of shipping when we know the weight of the parcel and the actual shipping cost. We will charge the actual shipping cost plus a handling fee based on the amount of merchandise. This is the method we have used for determining the shipping and handling for our foreign customers.

Orders may be amended - added to or parts deleted. Multiple changes will result in additional handling charges. Making a major addition - a kit or many parts - will result in the order being pushed back. It will be dated with the date of the addition, basically starting the wait time over. We will not create a back order of plated parts for additions to an order. The order will either be delayed until the next chrome run returns or there will be an additional shipping and handling charge when the added parts ship.

We appreciate you, our customers, and ask for your patience. We are been blessed that 99% of you have been very patient. We are humbled by the kind comments you have made. Thank you!



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