The Modelhaus Website is down temporarily.

Since March when we announced our pending retirement for May of 2017, we have been swamped with orders. In an effort to catch up and prepare for the Toledo Toy Show, we are shutting the web site down for 6 weeks. We should not go to the Toledo Toy Show since we have so many orders in house, many that will not be shipped before the show. But we must go for two reasons. Twenty-eight years ago when Modelhaus was just an idea, we went to that show. Within a few weeks we had orders from NY to CA and Canada to TX. We feel a real obligation to that show for giving us the place to start and grow our business. That is our first reason for going. The second is more important. The many customers and vendors we see at Toledo have become our "extended family". We need to see them, to share a hearty handshake, to feel their hugs as we continue on our path of grief following our son Steven's tragic death in April. Please bear with us as we journey on towards retirement and towards healing. Posted 8/30/15.


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